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The premier global nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of the customer value creation community.

This Is CVCI
The 21
st century business world is totally different from the earlier, ‘industrial’ age. In the industrial age, there was always a trade-off between quality and quantity. You could have one or the other, but not both. Now, courtesy of new technologies, quality and quantity are not only possible but demanded. And thanks to the interconnectedness that the new technologies also provide, vastly greater power has been gifted to Customers. This further changes the business dynamic because those Customers increasingly expect solutions rather than products: specific and often personalized responses that satisfy wants, needs and aspirations in their business and personal lives. It all means that Customer Value Creation is now the primary enabler of business success.

CVCI is here to help individuals and companies of all types and sizes respond to these changes, to achieve long-term success through the enablement and delivery of Customer Value. We work, too, with business academics, to debate and encourage Customer Value Creation innovation. 


We have come to value

Prioritizing customer value creation over internally focused priorities
Customer defined value over internal definitions
Proactive innovation over being driven to change
Mutual value creation over relying on internal assumptions
Short, iterative, validated project cycles over large long term projects
Delivery of validated customer value over extensive plans

While there is value for those on the right we value those on the left more

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Value Creation is is a young discipline.  We all have much to learn.  And, because globalization and technological advances are happening so fast, the learning requirements are dynamic and ongoing.

Individually, Pricing, Innovation, Customer Relationships, Customer Experience, Digitization, or a focus of outside-in strategy is just not enough.  Customer Value Creation requires changing the culture and beliefs within a company and a re-definition of the business model.

CVCI provides this holistic view and the information to help build a foundation of change for our members. As a CVCI member, you will have access to some of the best articles, white papers, webinars and podcasts covering all the important topics needed to move your organization through the Customer Value Creation journey. You will have access to the most important Thought Leaders in our space and you will become the leader your organization deserves.

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You will have access to learn from the best of current practices, and cutting edge information and practices that practitioners and academics are working on and  CVCI events and activities will help to share ideas for business management and professionals around the world. 

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