CVCI Guiding Principles

CVCI exists to provide a focus for those who accept the Value Creation imperative, providing a community of like-minded individuals and organizations where experiences, information and insights can be shared.

CVCI exists, too, to provide experiences, information and insights for those who are skeptical, not yet convinced of the Customer-Centric imperative.

Vision: "The CVCI 5 year goal is to become the global center of excellence to advance a company's or organization's success by building a customer value creation culture and maturity."

In both of the above categories, CVCI welcomes practitioners and academics, individuals and enterprises, those who are just starting out in the world of work and whose who have already spent years in the old dispensation.  For all members and sponsors, CVCI is a place where all manner of communication channels are provided to create dialogue, debate and learning.

Mission: "CVCI will develop and promote transformational models that make customers the center of business and organization focus. CVCI will enable and facilitate the sharing of knowledge, research and cross disciplinary processes that catalyze businesses, organizations and academia worldwide to create customer value."

Value Creation is the key 21st century driver of success in business and commerce.  But it is a young discipline.  We all have much to learn.  And, because globalization and technological advances are happening so fast, the learning requirements are dynamic and ongoing.

For its members and sponsors, CVCI provides a forum where basic Customer Value thinking, evolving ideas and methods, and experiments in new ways of doing things, are brought together for presentation and discussion.  CVCI gives you access to the best of current practices from practitioners, and to experiments and practices that practitioners and academics are working on.  CVCI enables you to be on the front line of this emerging science.

And, although others talk about facets of Customer-Centricity and value, CVCI treats the topic in a holistic manner.  Because, we believe, Customer Value is the bedrock of the successful 21st century enterprise, it makes complete sense only if it is considered as a totality.

In sum, CVCI exists to inform, motivate and promote the Customer Value Concept.  No one else does.  No one else can.  No one else has made the necessary commitment in thinking about the issue as an enterprise-wide imperative.  No one else will go on making that commitment however and wherever business and commerce advances.  No one else delivers this totality of topic coverage because no one else is as comprehensively near the state of the art.  And no one else backs its promises by the quality of the International team of Customer Value experts who CVCI proffers as corollary.  If you choose CVCI as your source of information and dialogue about Customer Value, whatever the scale of your needs, you will need no one else.

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