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Mail your sponsor request to:          
Customer Value Creation International Inc.          
1635 Brookhollow Drive          
Hideaway, Texas, 75771 USA          
Or Contact            
Jim Carras         
Executive Director CVCI         
     Phone: +1(903) 705-5792         
FAX: +1 (972) 421-1840         

Companies like yours are looking to affirm its leadership position in Customer Value Creation, or you are seeking to expand your customer base, becoming a CVCI Global Sponsor will put your organization front and center as an industry leader. As a Global Sponsor, you will also be aligning your organization with the only global, non-profit organization leading the global customer value creation movement. 

     Sponsor Packages                                                                 

Sponsor Benefits  Diamond
CVCI News Release  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔
150 word article in monthly newsletter
 12/yr  3/yr  2/yr  1/yr
Logo featured on CVCI homepage  ✔      
Featured on sponsor page (logo) Large & link w/ 150 word profile Small  & link  Small & link  Name & link
Featured in online newsletter (logo) Large logo & link Small &  link  Small & link  Name & link
 Sponsored webinars  3 per year  1 per year  1 per year  
Sponsored vendor video showcase  3 per year  1 per year  1 per year @ $450  1 per year @ $550
Publish branded white papers  8 per year  3 per year  2 per year  1 per year
Publish company events on CVCI calendar  8 per year  3 per year  2 per year  1 per year
Sponsor can use CVCI logo on their website Unlimited      
First right of refusal for additional sponsorship opportunities  Unlimited      


 CVCI is a not-for-profit  association built out of the emerging needs of new market dynamics where the customer is now the primary stakeholder in any business.

CVCI is setting out with a fresh agenda.  We believe that, never before, has any association set out to tackle the end to end organizational challenges that delivering true customer value requires.

The rapid growth of our Advisory Board, allied to the expertise that they bring, is testimony to the need for CVCI.

As a not-for-profit organization however, to fulfill our vision we need proactive endorsement and financial sponsorship from organizations who share the CVCI vision.

As a founding sponsor, you would be instrumental in helping us establish CVCI as a global association enabling customer value creation to help companies grow throughout the world.  

CVCI Sponsors

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