Continually creating value for and with your customers is the only sustainable growth strategy

"CVCI is a collaborative network that supports Leaders and other Professionals charged with creating greater value for their customers"

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  • Networking Opportunities and events
  • Best Practices and supporting tools to creating change
  • Mentorship from leading authorities
  • Thought leadership through publications and events
  • Collaborative teams to partner on real challenges
  • Sponsored research and findings

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Who Are We?
Value creation is not a new concept. In today's environment, however, value creation is becoming more elusive as customer needs and buying habits continually evolve.  At CVCI, we understand this dynamic and have created this network community to help organizations identify and effect the necessary changes to continually create value for and with customers, or as we refer to it as customer value creation.

Become Part Of A Global Movement
  • Does your organization understand that continually creating value for your customer is the only sustainable strategy creating growth?
  • Are you challenged with leading the change to improve customer value?

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